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Various Wasps

This chapter covers wasp types that are not described in the previous pages. Some belong to rather small families, represented by few species only. There is one exception though: the parasitic wasps. They make an enormous group, represented by well over 1,500 species just in Holland. Parasitic Wasps are among the most difficult to identify. Almost each and every species has one or more very similar clones. Of the many species photographed in our garden, only very few have been identified. And in many cases the identification could still be wrong! Below we describe the family or group the depicted animal belongs to.

Common Cuckoo Wasp Chrysis ignata

The Common Cuckoo Wasps is among the most beautiful insects in Europe. More...

Family: Cuckoo Wasps (Chrysididae)

Spider Wasp Auplopus carbonarius

The easiest way to identify this Spider Wasp is by examining the way the female handles her prey. More...

Family: Spider Wasps (Pompilidae)

Spider Hunting Wasp Arachnospila species

This is one of the Spider Hunting Wasps, a group of similar black and red wasps hunting for spiders. More...

Family: Argidae

Sand Digger Wasp Ammophila sabulosa

The Sand Digger Wasp is quite common in gardens. It may be over 2 centimeters long and hunts for caterpillars. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Pemphredon species

This is one of the Pemphredon species, which are very hard to identify indeed. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Cerceris arenaria

Cerceris arenaria is the biggest Cerceris species. Most hunt for weevils exclusively. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Cerceris quadricincta

Cerceris quadricincta is small compared to the previous species. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Bee Wolf Philanthus triangulum

The Bee Wolf is one of the very few well known Digger Wasps. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Ectemnius continuus

This Ectemnius continuus is often seen in gardens and hunts for flies. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Crabro scutellatus

This Crabro scutellatus can be identified easily: the thorax is all black. More...

Family: Digger Wasps (Sphecidae)

Aoplus personatus

Aoplus personatus deposits her eggs in the pupae of bigger moths. More...

Family: Parasitic Wasps (Ichneumonidae)

ephialtes sp

ephialtes species are big and have a very long ovipositor. This one deposited her eggs in the nests of Red Mason Bees. More...

Family: Parasitic Wasps (Ichneumonidae)

Diplazon spec.

The Diplazon species are difficult to tell apart. Most are parasitic to hover flies. More...

Family: Parasitic Wasps (Ichneumonidae)

Gasteruption jaculator

Gasteruption jaculator belongs to its own small family of parasitic wasps. More...

Family: Gasteruptionidae
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