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On Gardensafari you can explore the diversity of fauna captured with my photo cameras in the garden. Gardensafari helps you to identify all kinds of creatures you can find in your home surroundings. The site consists of over 700 pages per language with articles on garden wildlife illustrated with thousands of photographs of birds, spiders, frogs, squirrels, butterflies, moths, centipedes, wasps, flies and dragon flies, beetles, ticks and other garden wildlife in and around a house. The species in the photos here have been identified by both their English and scientific (Latin) names.
Instead of traveling to exotic destinations on distant continents in order to see the marvels of nature, you can stick to the comfort of your home surroundings and discover what's crawling, flying, jumping, biting, running and buzzing right around you. Your house and garden are full of creatures which will truly amaze you if you just take time and effort to really look... Gardensafari takes you on a virtual tour through the world of wildlife. Enjoy it!

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Picture of Corymbia rubra

Red Longhorn Beetle (Corymbia rubra)
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