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Admirals (Nymphalidae)

Most of the more colorful and larger butterflies in Europe belong to this family. In many cases there is a big difference between the underside and the upperside of the wings. The underside is dark and often cryptically colored, if colored at all. This is to make the butterfly hard to spot when it is in hibernation. When landed on flowers the wings move constantly opening and closing them. This is a defence trick that distracts predators like birds and dragon-flies. Nowadays Satyrs are placed in this family as well, making it one of the biggest butterfly families. Presently almost 7,000 species are known.

Painted Lady Vanessa cardui

Migrates every year from Southern Europe to northern parts up to Iceland. More...

The Admiral Vanessa atalanta

Another immigrant, but appearing in much greater numbers. More...

The Peacock Inachis io

One of the most beautiful European butterflies. More...

Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae

One of the most common butterflies in the garden. More...

The Comma Polygonia c-album

Unmistakable rather capriciously looking animal. More...

The Map Araschnia levana

Has two distinct broods in our region: a light spring brood and a much darker summer brood. More...

White Admiral Limenitis camilla

Despite the high rank this is not a very impressive species at all. More...
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