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Andrena denticulata

AnimaliaArthropodaInsectaHymenopteraAndrenidaeAndrenaA. denticulata

This is a medium sized mining bee with gray haired banded abdomen. The females reach 10-11mm and males 8-9mm. Field identifications are rather difficult as it resembles a couple of other Andrena species, especially the Andrena flavipes. The colour of brushy hair on top of thorax can help with identification of an individual. The hair is black with the A. denticulata.

A. denticulata is widespread in Europe, including Great Britain and Ireland. However, it has been categorised as endangered in Germany and in the Netherlands. It lives in grasslands and open sandy areas. It has a preference for yellow flowers of the plant family Asteraceae.

Andrena denticulata is a solitary bee as each female builds an individual nest in the ground. Solitary bees do not have workers so a single female provisions her nest with honey, nectar and pollen. This is the food for the larvae for the stage in its life before pupating. The male's only function is mating with a female.

It flies from July to September. They play a very important role in pollination.

Andrena denticulata is also known under the name of Andrena listerella.
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