Small Flycatcher

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A rather rare bird for Holland and a bird I've seen only once, but I'm sure about it's identification. One day I looked at a bird taking a bath and actually thought to myself: 'that looks like a Robin suffering from anorexia'. I looked again and started to notice certain differences. They are hard to explain, but were there, especially because the Robin is a daily guest in the garden, so its behaviour in the mean time became rather predictable. This bird looked a bit different and certainly behaved differently. So I looked it up and now I'm sure it was the Small Flycatcher, even though this bird is a rarety in Holland.

This bird belongs to the family of Flycatchers (Tyrannidae). It has been a one time visitor to our garden and can be seen in Holland may - september, but it is a very rare bird in the Low Countries. The bird is 4,5" and weighs 10 grams. It lives in woodland mostly. It eats flying insects. Compared to the male, the red of the female is darker. The bird makes a nest in a hole, usually up a tree. The five to seven eggs hatch after 13 days and the young need to be looked after in the nest for another 13 days.

Name of this bird in various other languages
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Kleine vliegenvanger Kleine Schnäpper ? Mucholówka mala Ficedula parva


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