Black Woodpecker

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This is a very impressive and big woodpecker. It can reach almost half a meter, so it is as big as a Crow. The deep black colour is also about the same as that of a Crow, but the red on the head and the enormous woodpecker-beak set it clearly apart. Besides, who ever saw a Crow climbing up a tree? This bird was in our garden only once and also walks in the woods don't very often give you a glimpse of this animal. But let me tell you, if you have ever seen it, you will never forget it!

This bird belongs to the family of Woodpeckers (Picidae). It has been a one time visitor only, alas. The bird can be seen in Holland all year round. The bird is 18" and weighs 300 grams. It lives in woodlands mostly. It eats larvea and ants. Compared to the male, the female has a red spot only on the back of her head. The nest is made in holes in trees, usually in April and sometimes once more in June. Four to six eggs are being laid. The breeding time is very short for such a big bird: only some 13 days. But the parents have to feed the young in the nest for almost one month!

Name of this bird in various other languages
Dutch German French Polish Scientific
Zwarte specht Schwarzspecht Black Woodpecker Dzieciol czarny Dryocopus martius


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