Homing Pigeon

The Homing Pigeon is curious to what people are doing just below his branch!

Homing-pigeons appear regularly in most people's gardens: just resting, completely lost or whatever. Besides the homers there is also a kind of pigeon now known as city-pigeon. You will find them in all cities in Europe. They feed on whatever people give them and often become a pest. Both the city-pigeon and the homer are not directly related to the common Woodpigeon as one might expect as the similaraties are striking. No, it is assumed that the ancestor is the Rock Dove, a bird that can be found in Southern Europe and the Middle East mainly, but in northern parts of Scotland and Ireland as well.

Name of this bird in various other languages
Dutch German French Polish Scientific
Postduif Brieftaube Pigeon voyageur Golab pocztowy Columba livia

The name in French provided by Ania Grzybowska


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